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Your Voice - Your Vision

  • CONFIDENTLY share what you are PASSIONATE about
  • CREATE and CONNECT in ways you never thought possible
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Hello! I'm Cassandra Vohs-Demann

I'm a business owner, coach, writer, musician and community builder. 

The truth? 

I wasn't always confident in myself or my skills. I struggled with my own self-doubt, fear of failure and I hated making mistakes, especially in front of other people. I didn't always speak up when I had something to say and for years, I felt like I didn't have a right to my own voice in the world.

The road to confidence took time for me. It took years of discipline, self-awareness, constructive feedback and trying over and over EVERY SINGLE DAY. Once I got in "tune" with myself, I became much more comfortable stepping into the spotlight, and I could truly connect with those around me. That's when the magic happens. 

I was fortunate to work with amazing coaches throughout my career who were in my corner cheering me on, challenging my thinking, growing my skills, and walking me through challenges in my life and business. I wasn't alone and would not be who I am today without them. 

I gained the confidence to start businesses, coach hundreds of clients, build communities and stand in front of any audience, large or small and talk about what is important to me. (Or sing...) 

I also discovered why I am on the planet. To help others build confidence and tap into the power of their own voice. 

I can help you too

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A Place to Shine Coaching helps you build confidence to shine in every situation

Things I hear all the time...

  • ​No one listens to me when I talk

  • I am not taken seriously

  • I have a lot of ideas, but I don't have the confidence or skills to make them a reality 

  • I believe in my vision; I just have a hard time talking about it. 

  • I get so nervous when I have to speak in front of people

  • I have difficulty connecting with people in 1:1 meetings or groups

  • My voice gets tired or hoarse when I speak too long

  • I feel like an imposter

  • I don't like the sound of my own voice

  • I feel like I am prepared but when I'm under pressure it falls apart

  • I don't like public speaking

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I can help you

  • Build strength and confidence in your voice 
  • Help you communicate better and more authentically 

  • Overcome your imposter syndrome

  • Rock your stage presence in: 

  • Be more assertive

  • Clarify your goals
  • Improve focus

  • Be an effective public speaker 

  • Facilitate/lead better meetings

  • Identify and overcome your blocks

  • Overcome stage fright

  • Be accountable/Finish a project

  • Create a plan to achieve a goal

  • Build something

  • Make a change

I believe

  • Practicing anything over and over with purpose will always bring results. 

  • When we connect our head to our heart amazing things can happen. 

  • If you are not filling up as much as you are giving out, you feel tapped, frustrated and everything feels harder.

  • Confidence comes when you trust yourself. When you trust yourself, you are more present.  When you are more present, people feel it.  That is when you can make a real difference.

  • When you are clear on why you do what you do, the path forward comes into focus

  • Dreams become reality with small measurable successes over time to reach bigger goals.

  • Everyone should have a personal vision/mission statement. 

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Bella M

"Cassandra helped me find my voice, literally and figuratively. She taught me how to advocate for myself personally and professionally. Whether it was how to value my worth/work or expressing my needs clearly to others, I have Cassandra to thank for all of my continued professional success."

Krista C

"I credit the career coaching I received from Cassandra as the reason I was ready to accept my new job offer. It really made a difference in understanding what I needed to be happy in my work environment. The time and financial investment was well worth it! " 

Grace M

"Cassandra has been my role model in life, and I have appreciated her wisdom and patience. I can confidently say I would not be who I am today without her. When I couldn't find my worth, Cassandra often took me by the hand and showed me where to find it.  She never let me doubt myself, instead, she worked with me and allowed me to find it for myself. Her genuine concern for others well-being is truly unique. There are not enough words to express how impactful her influence has been."

Jessica B

"Over the years, she has helped me to gain the confidence to know my worth and own my skills and talents.
Nearly every day I find myself using strategies, ideas, and advice I have learned from Cassandra.  Her lessons have helped me professionally and personally.” 

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