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Cassandra's Story

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Believe in what is possible...

Cassandra Vohs -Demann is a creative dream builder, dynamic leader and business owner with over 30 years of experience as a coach, professional musician, performer, writer, composer, community builder, speaker and producer.  Cassandra understands what it takes to dream big, take action to move towards your goals or step into the spotlight.  A Place to Shine Coaching draws from her years of experience to provide tools, resources and support to help others.  She believes we can all be the visionary leaders of our personal and professional lives through intentional action and clarity of mission. Through her coaching programs and workshops, she serves as a guide to unlock potential and build confidence. 

Cassandra’s approach to coaching is fueled by her desire to connect with people and inspire growth. Performing and coaching have been her passions since her childhood growing up on a farm. The fifth of six children, she struggled to find her own identity and spent much of her time alone. She discovered that music and creativity were where she found her connection to herself. When she was not playing stuffed animal rock concert, she was playing school. Her first job was at the age of twelve when she was recommended as a tutor by her school principal and through that she found her calling to coach and mentor.  Cassandra has a natural ability to connect with people and she is dedicated to helping her clients grow in all aspects of their lives. 

Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Individuals, Public Speakers, Professional Musical Theater Performers, Music Directors, Music Therapists, Voice Teachers, School Music Teachers, Professional Touring Musicians, Recording Artists, Actors, Directors, Authors, Songwriters, Square Dance Callers

Cassandra's Band

Photo by Chehalis Hegner ©2023 Used with permission. 


Cassandra is a sought-after concert artist in the region for festivals, fundraising events and concert series and leads the Woodstock Community Choir every year for an audience of over five thousand people at the annual Lighting of the Square in Woodstock. She has toured the Midwest as an opera singer and as the lead singer/songwriter of many bands. A few highlights include singing with the Grant Park Symphony Chorus of Chicago and performing the national anthem for the Chicago Bulls during their Michael Jordan championship runs.  Cassandra has released original music on all major platforms and can be heard on Pandora Radio as well as Women of Substance Radio and has an original screenplay in development. 


Cassandra has owned and operated her business A Place to Shine Music for over 30 years. Her company served as the umbrella for her educational studio, performing arts school, production company, songwriting and performing career. She also launched the Woodstock Community Choir before turning it into a nonprofit organization.


Her work as an event and concert producer in collaboration with local venues and artists has had a significant impact on the area arts scene. Her dedication to building a vibrant music community earned her Woodstock Chamber of Commerce’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2019, and she continues to lead in Woodstock in an incredibly significant way today. She is the executive producer/creator of many concert events in collaboration with the Woodstock Opera House. 

Community Builder

Cassandra’s proudest and arguably greatest contribution is her ability to build strong-lasting community. A dedicated “connector,” she sees a need and seeks out solutions.  She is passionate about creating opportunities for those in search of community and providing platforms for people to find a sense of belonging, purpose and to share their gifts.  She is founder and artistic director of the Woodstock Community Choir, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that was adopted by the city of Woodstock after less than 4 years. The choir is Cassandra's gift to her hometown and is a legacy that will continue to serve the community for years to come. 

Woodstock Community Choir


Cassandra has composed or provided music for several nonprofit organizations to support their missions including the Food Shed Co-Op, Pioneer Center of McHenry County, Mainstay Therapeutic Riding and more. 

She served as vice chair of the mayor appointed Woodstock Arts Commission and currently serves on the Woodstock Opera House advisory commission as well many other committees that support the community.

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