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Work with me

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1:1 Coaching

Using tools and resources I have developed over 3 decades of building communities and working with one-on-one clients and teams, let me serve as a guide to unlock your potential and build confidence. Learn more

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​Available now -

  • Your Confident Voice  Workshop

Coming soon -

  • Rock Your Stage Presence

  • Prep Your Presentation Workshop

  • How to show up when you don't feel like it. 


Speaking Topics

  • I started a choir and it changed
    my life!
    The power of connection, building community and taking action on those little seeds that get planted in your brain.  

  • Your Voice Matters - Reflections and lessons from 30 years of coaching performers.  Embrace your unique voice and find the freedom to express yourself without barriers. 

  • My Road to Confidence - Cassandra talks candidly about her struggles with confidence, how she overcame her fears and why she is dedicated to helping others find their own confident voice in the world. 

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