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Let's talk about how we can work together to make your next event SHINE


Choose from prepared topics below or let me customize a presentation to fit the needs and goals of your event. I can speak about confidence, community building, leadership, overcoming obstacles, stage presence, vocal strength, overcoming stage fright and more...


With over 30 years of experience engaging audiences, let me be the voice of your next event. As your emcee I can help create a positive and inspiring atmosphere, introduce, and announce speakers or activities, manage the flow and timing of the event, and interact with the audience. I can also use humor, storytelling or even grab a guitar and sing a song to entertain your audience. Together we can make your event SHINE.

"Cassandra Vohs-Demann brings energy and professionalism to every project she engages in.  Cassandra’s meticulous attention to detail, both artistic and administrative, have yielded some of our most successful programming."

“I cannot say enough about Cassandra’s moving performance at our recent gala. Her rousing rendition of “Rise Up,” engaged and moved the crowd, many of whom are still talking about it. Cassandra is a true professional!” 

 “A professional displaying her full range and depth of her performance powers; - the room was taken by Cassandra's captivating voice.” 
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I started a choir and it changed my life!

Building community through visionary leadership and the transformative power of creating a safe space for connection and belonging. Take action to make a lasting impact on your life and community.

How you show up matters

Self-Awareness and Confidence in Leadership

Your feelings, intentions, and level of self-awareness can greatly impact those around you.   Build your self-awareness and confidence to become a more effective leader.

Your voice matters 

Embrace your unique voice and find the freedom to express yourself without barriers in your personal and professional life. Reflections and lessons from 30 years of coaching performers and being an entrepreneur. 

My road to confidence

Cassandra talks candidly about her struggles with confidence, how she overcame her fears and why she is dedicated to helping others find their own confident voice in the world. 

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