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Need a SPEAKER or an EMCEE for your

next event? 
Let's talk about how we can work together to make you next event shine. Let me customize a presentation to fit the needs and goals of your event.  Topics can focus on confidence, community building, leadership, overcoming obstacles, stage presence, vocal strength, overcoming stage fright and more...

From the L.E.A.D Conference

Speaking Topics

I started a choir, and it changed my life!

Building community through visionary leadership and the transformative power of creating a safe space for connection and belonging.
Make a lasting impact on your life and community.

Your Voice Matters 

Embrace your unique voice and find the freedom to express yourself without barriers in your personal and professional life. Reflections and lessons from 30 years of coaching performers and being an entrepreneur. 

My Road to Confidence

Cassandra talks candidly about her struggles with confidence, how she overcame her fears and why she is dedicated to helping others find their own confident voice in the world. 

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