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Client Stories

Genna Hibbs - Client
Owner - Hibbs Law

"I cannot recommend Cassandra enough. After a few years of acquaintanceship, I have been lucky enough to work with Cassandra and build a professional relationship over the past two years. Last year I had two large conventions to speak at, and Cassandra was absolutely amazing and so helpful throughout my preparation for these events. Since then, we've worked together on several other occasions, and I honestly cannot say enough positive things about her. Whether you are looking for a coach, a musician, a composer, writer, community builder, or producer, I have every confidence that Cassandra will go above and beyond for you."

Main Stay Farm - Client
Main Stay Board & Staff

"Cassandra’s skillful facilitation at our recent annual board of directors/staff meeting contributed to the success of our meeting. She took the time to learn what was really important to us during the beginning brainstorming meeting, created fun and impactful activities to meet these needs and then engaged everyone throughout the session. Her background in coaching and the performing arts was evident as she helped us enhance our abilities to tell the “Main Stay” story. We highly recommend Cassandra if you’re looking to bring fresh perspectives and new life into your meetings!" 

C. Britt - Client
Business Owner

"I chose Cassandra as my business coach because I wanted to gain some of the confidence she exuded when I met her. She is honest and thoughtful with her feedback and tough with her accountability coaching. Cassandra helped me gain confidence by helping me understand my value and what I offer to my clients. She assisted me in analyzing my administrative systems and guided me to implement new systems to help me with my admin tasks. This tweak in my workflow gave me more time to focus on my business development and I gained confidence with engaging with my clients."

Krista Coltrin - Client

"I credit the career coaching I received as the reason I was ready to accept my new job offer. It really made a difference in understanding what I needed to be happy in my work environment. The time and financial investment was well worth it! " 

Darcie Hubber - Client/Colleague
Professional Theater Performer

“I was one of Cassandra‘s first vocal students several years ago. After our first lesson she advised me that I had the potential to be very good, but I would have to put in the work. My heart and determination lead me to put in the work, and I’m so glad I did. Not only was Cassandra a great voice teacher, but she also became a great role model and mentor for my professional career. She’s compassionate,  honest, and not afraid to tell it like it is. She truly gave me strength in my abilities, and the space to shine.”  

Ronni Berke - Client
Director of Development and Communications. The LAM Foundation

“I cannot say enough about Cassandra’s moving performance at our recent gala. Her rousing rendition of “Rise Up,” engaged and moved the crowd, many of whom are still talking about it. Cassandra is a true professional!”

Deb F - Client

 "Cassandra is passionate and truly inspirational. She's able to quickly identify areas that need improvement (and works on helping you fix these). Yet, she's also warm and encouraging, helping you see & appreciate your own strengths."

Pam C - Client

“Cassandra and I have been working on overall self-esteem and how that was impacting other areas of my life. When there was resistance, a simple question would be asked, and she'd become a sound board to not only get me to identify the challenge but work as a team to find a solution.” 

Grace M - Client

“Cassandra has been a source of inspiration in my life since I was 14. Starting as my vocal coach, she challenged me to be my best, while allowing me room to express my true self and originality. Throughout my years in lessons, her role in my life became substantial. She has been there to mentor me as I navigated high school, and now life as an adult. When I couldn't find my worth, Cassandra often took me by the hand and showed me where to find it. She never let me doubt myself, instead, she worked with me and allowed me to find it for myself. There are not enough words to express how impactful her influence has been. Her genuine concern for others well-being is truly unique. She believes in everyone's right to be, exist and prosper. Even though I have moved away, and no longer have her as a vocal coach, I still come to her for guidance. Cassandra has been my role model in life, and I have appreciated her wisdom and patience. I can confidently say I would not be who I am today without her.” 

Trudy E - Client/Colleague

“Cassandra has helped me to find a sense of purpose and direction in my life that is entirely organic. Through personal coaching, I was able to realize that I am as able as anyone else to manifest my dreams into reality and take them to the next level. It has changed not only my outlook on life but the very essence of who I am…” 

Christin K - Client/Colleague

"I am honored to know Cassandra and utilize her skill set and talents.  I encourage anyone looking for a creative means of expression to shout out to this lady and hold on tight as her greatest talent is to "listen" and manifest something far beyond expectations." 

Nancy G - Client

"Cassandra has a special knack for helping her clients believe in themselves.  Her ability to help me build my vocal skills along with my confidence level is priceless to me.  Encouragement is one of the cornerstones of the time she spends with clients."  

Jennifer D - Client
Business Owner

"Cassandra is that rare mix of tough love, compassion and illuminating presence. She has been the kind of role model and coach I needed when I was really stuck in the weeds and didn't have the first clue how to approach being a business owner. I never felt judged or like I was being preached to. She leads by example and does not abuse her power, but rather demonstrates how to step into our power as the highest version of ourselves." 

K. Dahlem - Client
Executive Leader 

"Cassandra was an outstanding coach to guide my career change process. Her ability to build upon my executive leadership strengths and encourage confidence with constructive feedback made a huge difference for launching all things anew. I admire her skill set and plethora of strategies applied to my work. Coming away from this three month process, I feel rejuvenated."

Bella Mutert - Client
Digital Marketing Specialist - Adler Planetarium

"Cassandra helped me find my voice, literally and figuratively. She taught me how to advocate for myself personally and professionally. Whether it was how to value my worth/work or expressing my needs clearly to others, I have Cassandra to thank for all of my continued professional success."

Jacqui L - Client

"When I first came to see Cassandra, I wasn't quite sure what I was looking for. I knew I needed some direction creatively and I had a general idea of my goals - I even had a long list of what I wanted to do with my immediate future and life - but no tangible way to move forward. After seeing Cassandra for several months, I have made huge progress on my personal goals and in aligning my life. I have been given countless tools (both mental and physical), a mindset shift, and real-world advice that I default to in moments of overwhelm. I am so grateful for her input and presence. I hope to return to her when I am in need of a firm-but-loving hand yet again."

Chase L - Client

"When I signed up for my coaching sessions with Cassandra, I was at my lowest point. I was lost and treading water. Over the past few months, with Cassandra's tools, guidance, and encouragement, I was able to turn my life around. I am on the right path, now, and I feel great! I have my life back and I couldn't be happier. Reach out! Highly recommended."

Jessica B - - Client/Colleague
Teacher/Professional Performer

“Over the years, she has helped me to gain the confidence to know my worth and own my skills and talents. Her lessons have helped me professionally, musically, and personally. Nearly every day I find myself using strategies, ideas, and advice I have learned from Cassandra.” 

Janet K - Client
Professional Photographer/Performer

“Cassandra was my vocal teacher/coach for several years. I always appreciated her balance of helping me get my work done as well as taking the time to support me through challenges where I needed to shed a tear or unload frustrations. She understands that getting from point A to point B as a vocalist can be technically challenging as well as emotionally challenging. She is organized, reliable, structured, highly motivating, and cares deeply about her commitment to the success of her clients. I highly recommend Cassandra!” 

Daniel Campbell - Colleague
Director of the Woodstock Opera House

“Cassandra Vohs-Demann brings energy and professionalism to every project she engages in. As a producer, Cassandra’s meticulous attention to detail, both artistic and administrative, have yielded some of our most successful programming."


“A professional displaying her full range and depth of her performance powers; - the room was taken by Cassandra's captivating voice.” 

Jack B - Colleague
Marketing Officer at Miner Ellstomer Products Corp. 

“Working with and getting to know Cassandra is a joy at every step in the process.  Her professionalism sets new standards for the rest of us to look up to. Talent, skill, intelligence and strength of character are synonymous adjectives commonly associated with Cassandra. Cassandra comes with my highest recommendations.” 

John H - Colleague
Owner - Starbell hatchery Studio

"Cassandra is professional and committed to a high standard. I recommend her without reservation. Her big heart connects her to community where she generously shares her gifts and inspires others to do the same."  

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