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My coaching programs and workshops have been developed from over 30 years of experience coaching clients across multiple disciplines as well as my extensive work as a business owner, professional performer and educator.

Sessions focus on finding clarity, building confidence, and creating actionable steps with accountability to move towards your goals.
   We also incorporate my Your Confident Voice (TM) performance preparation process to help you show up as your authentic self and step confidently into any setting. 

We all have nerves, fears or challenges that come up. Sometimes it catches you off guard and can prevent you from moving forward.  Building trust and confidence in yourself will help you connect, be present, be an active listener, and shine a light on what's important to you. The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more impact you can have. I can help you get there. 
Cassandra Picture
"I believe you have the power to be as amazing as you choose to be."  Cassandra
Rock star singer

I can help you

  • Be a more effective and motivating public speaker 

  • Communicate clearly & authentically
  • Rock your stage presence in presentations, meetings & performances

  • Prepare your presentation, keynote, or networking pitch

  • Be more assertive
  • Learn to manage stage fright

  • Facilitate/lead better meetings

  • Build confidence and skills to move towards your goals
  • Gain clarity and create a plan with actionable steps/accountability
  • Manage imposter syndrome

  • Build strength and confidence in your speaking voice 

  • Help you gain clarity during a life or career transition

I believe

  • Practicing anything over and over with purpose will always bring results. 

  • When we connect our head to our heart amazing things can happen. 

  • If you are not filling up as much as you are giving out, you feel tapped, frustrated and everything feels harder.

  • Confidence comes when you trust yourself. When you trust yourself, you are more present
    When you are more present, people feel it.  That is when you can make a real difference.

  • When you are clear on why you do what you do, the path forward comes into focus

  • Dreams become reality with small measurable successes over time to reach bigger goals.

  • Everyone should have a personal vision/mission statement. 


Let's get started


1:1 Single

Coaching Sessions

Need help now? Single sessions give you the opportunity to focus on a specific goal or challenge that you would like to address. Sessions are 30, 45 or 60 minutes and offered in person or via phone/Zoom. 


Subscription Plans

Customized subscription plans provide you the ongoing support you need to move towards your goals. I will be there to help you along the way as we address your challenges and celebrate your successes. We will work together to create an action plan and build in accountability to keep you on track.  Let's connect to talk more about your goals and get started.  You've got this! 


Presentation/Keynote Preparation Packages

Are you ready to rock your stage presence and feel more prepared than ever at your next public speaking opportunity? Using my Your Confident Voice (TM) performance process, you will learn repeatable steps to help you SHINE in every situation.  The stage is waiting. Let me help you be awesome!
I have several packages available to meet your needs.  It can be timed based on the date of your event. 

*Subscription program rates and scheduling options will be provided at your 15 - minute session. 

You can do this!

Rock Star

Bella Mutert - Digital Marketing Specialist - Adler Planetarium

"Cassandra helped me find my voice, literally and figuratively. She taught me how to advocate for myself personally and professionally. Whether it was how to value my worth/work or expressing my needs clearly to others, I have Cassandra to thank for all of my continued professional success."
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